Meet China’s Pioneer Inground Pool Manufacturer - Blue Coastlines 

Blue Coastlines Outdoor Products Co., Ltd is one of China’s pioneer wholesale inground pool manufacturers. Our company is famous in the international market for manufacturing top-quality snow tubes, water tubes, boats, and other sports/ leisure-related goods. Situated in Shanghai, the Blue Coastlines brings in almost two decades of experience and has all the focus on serving local and international customers. The workforce at Blue Coastlines takes immense pride in offering the best-in-class inground pool products which are built with precision and delicacy, keeping international quality standards in mind. 

Different Types of Pools 

Summers have just begun, and many people find themselves in the quest to find the best quality pool for their home so they can beat the heat in style. When choosing the right kind of pool, many people don’t know anything about different types of pools, so here’s your guide to different types of pools in the market. Many wholesale pool manufacturers offer a variety of pools in different shapes and at various price points. 

1: Fiberglass Pools 

The fiberglass pools are a great alternative to their basic concrete counterparts. They are not only easier to install but very durable and reliable. Regardless of all the advantages that they provide, it’s possible that a fiberglass pool might be subjected to discoloration or cracking over time. Various wholesale inground pool suppliers offer a variety of pools in different shapes and at various price points. 

2: Vinyl Pools 

If you have a limited amount of funds and you want to invest in a pool, then vinyl pools could be the answer for you. These types of pools can last up to two decades if cared for properly. Vinyl pools are available in non-standard shapes and sizes, making them easy to incorporate into smaller spaces.

3: Dunk Pools 

These pools are designed for larger spaces and are bigger as compared to the traditional pools. They are usually available in a square or rectangular shape and are made up of steel frames. 

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